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2022 Wrap-up and podcast extravaganza

Ownership illusions: Private and public businesses

Ownership illusions: Competition



Repost: The Great Housing Supply Contradiction

Happy first anniversary to New Zealand's brutal, pointless, COVID apartheid

Wage growth is low, but household income growth is high. How can that be?

Why isn't Elon Musk a hero of the left?

FET #12: The great unwinding of COVID and crypto

Making sense of property as a monopoly

What would 2022 be like if we didn't panic about COVID?

FET #11: And no one cares...

Do economists know opportunity cost when they see it?

Rental vacancy is a symptom of price adjustment

FET #10: What's your EMTR?

Do we believe that the average Chinese adult is "wealthier" than the average European?

Capital gains are income. Incomes are capital gains.

Mysteries of inflation measurement

Why is the rent-to-income-ratio flat?

FET #9: Do expensive houses make us all rich?

FET #8: Should we vote for policies or people?

Over 2,600 apply to Australia's COVID vaccine injury compensation scheme

Economics of favours and karma

FET #7: Local relevance syndrome

Property cartel goes mainstream

Conversation starter

Another superannuation lie

Film review: Line Goes Up

RIGGED book launch

Deceptive debt burdens

FET #6: Rigged: How Australia really works

Our immune repertoire

Land banking and the built-in speed limit on new housing

The great housing supply contradiction

Monetary policy is really weird

FET #5: Why we need a public housing developer

Speculative Index update

Fertility rate paranoia

Housing wrap-up

The UCLA Lewis Center seems to have a problem

FET #4: Gas supply crisis and corruption

Money is not a token. It’s an accounting system.

FET #3: Will Bitcoin ever be a real currency?

A comment on stamp duty

Is Ed Glaeser a NIMBY?

FET #2: Do we need more waste?

FET #1: Is superannuation a scam?

How much does a family need to earn to be as well off as an age pensioner?

Things I've been up to lately

A fresh direction for the pod

The "zoning tax" is an illusion

How to get land into the HouseMate public homeownership system

LNP's super-for-housing policy

Evidence-lite zone

Why aren’t land titles free?

Labor's shared equity policy

A social housing fund is bad policy

Planning system data shows plenty of approved housing in South East Queensland

Dystopian nightmare of zero covid in China

Housing stock per capita mostly measures demographics

COVID Contradictions

It's time to throw out the standard urban economics model

Public housing is way cheaper than rental subsidies

Russian mad man story...

Why politicians must pretend to want cheap housing

Falinski's housing inquiry report will be peppered with lobbyist catch phrases...

China's social credit system

My COVID story - Part 2

NZ protests and High Court ruling

If planning constrains housing supply, how does it do it?

My COVID story - Part 1

Canada update - emergency powers and protest

New metrics to show the value of delaying housing supply