Aug 31, 2022 • 30M

FET #7: Local relevance syndrome

Why are local political opponents blamed for global trends? Current rental market dynamics are one such trend. Also, Mr 283, the whinging landlord with 283 properties.

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Cameron Murray
Cameron Murray is famous for questioning sacred cows and conventional wisdoms of both left and right. We chat about Cameron's latest Twitter battle and then delve into a controversy. Wide-ranging analysis - no topic out of bounds - inequality, regulation, housing, superannuation, lockdowns, tax, war, the meaning of life.
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In our barney of the week, we talk about queuing for rentals in Ireland. A viral photo triggered widespread blame on local tenancy law changes. But hot rental markets are a common trend globally in 2022 as all markets readjust from the COVID years.

We talk about Mr 283, the whinging landlord with 283 properties who thought it wise to call talkback radio to complain about a proposed rent freeze. What’s that all about?

Also, we reflect on that time Paul Keating said that the superannuation system can’t function as a national insurance system for the elderly and proposed a better age pension. What the?

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