Sep 18, 2022 • 27M

FET #8: Should we vote for policies or people?

Or can we skip voting altogether and use sortition to randomly allocate people into the parliament

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Cameron Murray
Cameron Murray is famous for questioning sacred cows and conventional wisdoms of both left and right. We chat about Cameron's latest Twitter battle and then delve into a controversy. Wide-ranging analysis - no topic out of bounds - inequality, regulation, housing, superannuation, lockdowns, tax, war, the meaning of life.
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We change the pace a little this week and discuss Jonathan’s political dilemma — he has no one to vote for who represents his range of views. Perhaps the way around this is via more direct democracy, whereby you vote directly for each policy rather than voting for a political representative. Or maybe we skip the voting altogether and randomly draw our politicians from the general public, just like we do with juries.

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