May 30, 2022 • 3M

A fresh direction for the pod

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Cameron Murray
Cameron Murray is famous for questioning sacred cows and conventional wisdoms of both left and right. We chat about Cameron's latest Twitter battle and then delve into a controversy. Wide-ranging analysis - no topic out of bounds - inequality, regulation, housing, superannuation, lockdowns, tax, war, the meaning of life.
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As we emerge from the election, it's time for a significant announcement on a change in direction for the podcast.

Some of you will remember our first episode last year was with Dr Cameron Murray.

@DrCameronMurray is an economist who challenges lots of conventional wisdoms, the co-author of Game of Mates, now publishing alot on his own growing substack Fresh Economic Thinking and getting increasing attention in the media for his questioning of sacred cows like the superannuation system or housing, or covid lockdowns.

So... Cameron and Jonathan are going to pioneer a Fresh Economic Thinking podcast. Same name as the Substack. A place to canvass Cameron's latest writing and also enjoy some banter about the latest Twitter argument he's embroiled in.   Kind of different - and if this is not to your taste, understood. But if you would give it a  chance - there will be some fun podding and hopefully we will be 'mainstreaming' some controversial ideas.