Oct 26, 2022 • 24M

FET #10: What's your EMTR?

A broad-ranging chat about what makes a country "rich", how to understand your effective marginal tax rate (EMTR), and clarifying why capital gains are just income labelled differently.

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Cameron Murray
Cameron Murray is famous for questioning sacred cows and conventional wisdoms of both left and right. We chat about Cameron's latest Twitter battle and then delve into a controversy. Wide-ranging analysis - no topic out of bounds - inequality, regulation, housing, superannuation, lockdowns, tax, war, the meaning of life.
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We first chat about recent observations from our travels of what you notice about “rich” countries (whatever you interpret that to mean).

Then, we tackle one of my pet topic of Effective Marginal Tax Rates (EMTRs)—that is the combined effect of both taxes and losing welfare from earning an additional dollar (due to “means testing”). David Sligar’s recent article on the topic caught our eye.

I help clarify my argument that capital gains are just incomes with a different label, with nothing unique about them in economic terms compared to wages or other income. We can transform one into the other with accounting tricks. This was the topic of a recent substack post.

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