Sitemap - 2023 - Fresh Economic Thinking

FET #26: Wallerstein and the terminal crisis of capitalism

FET's hits and clicks of 2023

FET #25: What's the deal with YIMBYs?

Was Singapore built on Lee Kuan Yew's pragmatism mixed with money illusion?

FET #24: Immigration surprise with Leith van Onselen

Bad housing economics never dies, it only accumulates more ignored "limitations"

FET #23: A chat with Aussie FIREBUG about financial Independence

Weirdly, illegal drugs and prostitution are in European GDP figures

FET #22: Property problems with buyers agent Pete Wargent

Can Fresh Economic Thinking become a new science institution?

FET #21: Aidan Morrison explains the problematic analysis behind the cheap renewables story

Gough Whitlam's 1958 hot take on housing

FET #20: Tim Helm on why housing supply starts when speculation ends

Taxes are taking half my income...

FET #19: Duty of care to future generations

How I learned to stop worrying and love high land values

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a chameleon

Property taxes reduce housing asset prices but don't make housing cheaper

Pricing upzoning: The great debate

Economic lessons from a great Australian ritual of kerbside collection

Student accommodation houses over 100,000 people but isn't included in dwelling counts

Removing stamp duty is now claimed to miraculously boost homeownership

The macroeconomics of childcare policy

Stanley Jevons reckons cheap renewables won't make oil and coal redundant. I believe him

The Auckland upzoning myth: Response to comments

You get a rental inquiry. And you get a rental inquiry. We all get a rental inquiry!

Crampton debates Crampton on the economic theory of landbanking and housing supply

CFMEU is picking political fights with a weird tax dressed up as a housing policy

What's my economic identity?

The 'sunk cost' trickery that makes renewables seem cheaper than they are

Landlords selling = first home owners buying

Explainer: Building and planning approvals

History lesson: Housing problems stem from the distribution of property ownership

Grattan’s gas gimmick

Does Victoria's rollicking 1880s land boom have lessons for today?

Australia's $40 billion of education exports is a statistical trick

The Auckland myth: There is no evidence that upzoning increased housing construction

A natural experiment in excess housing supply

Housing supply and the planning pipeline

Fear of an ageing population is age old

'Carbon footprint' is a conceptually flawed idea

FET #18: Housing future fund and COVID updates

No one knows how to handle housing in the CPI: Singapore edition

Property owners hate more supply and competition...

Four interviews on housing and corruption

What stops Labor moving further to the left?

Slums are how the free market houses the poor

FET #17: Upzoning case studies

Did public housing create the Australian dream?

FET #16: Interview with Misha Saul on economics, family, and culture

How much does my family spend?

The great superannuation debate— Part 2

A housing absorption rate and upzoning thought experiment

The great superannuation debate— Part 1

Australia's Housing Future Fund - my Senate hearing opening statement and submission

Since families share economic resources, does it matter if men earn more than women, or vice-versa?

FET #15: Can a "fuck up levy" stop our experts failing us?

Housing confusions: Builders versus property owners and building versus planning approval

Econobabble: Rent control and market forces

Solar roads were always a terrible idea

FET #14: Property investing, cycles, and the legacy of Henry George with guest Catherine Cashmore

How high can private school fees go?

FET #13: Degrowth, decoupling, and how to get good environmental outcomes

Why did the rent-to-income ratio rise in the 1980s but stay flat ever since?

Can removing stamp duty "free up" homes by encouraging retirees to downsize?

Ownership illusions: Housing policy and competition in the property system

Population and ageing nonsense… again

Ownership illusions: Retirement income policy