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EQUITY Coops like where John Lennon & Yoko Ono in NYC are still affordable.

Very common in 1970 – 1980; LAND is owned by non-profit corporation; UNITS are market with SHARES in LAND. Pre-strata/condo & formal coop legislation. More complex entangled now.

Have not found much Canadian data networks on this. Federal and Provincial funds for retention incentives & new starts do not have these as qualifying property YET.

CMHC plus financial institutions are reluctant to offer mortgages Grants, & Realtors do not understand/ not too keen to take on. WHY?

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Isn't the argument of people like Glaeser that by removing restrictions on building tall buildings you can effectively remove land scarcity? Everybody could turn their single home into a block of flats, and/or turn their backyard into a block of flats, and it's really only building costs that would be the limiting factor.

And in such a scenario the number of "property developers" would go from (the well-connected) few to (the non-connected) many, thus avoiding the sort of supply control that currently keeps prices high.

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