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It's just one signal that people are being severely injured. We have MBS Item # 63399 - to assess myocarditis from the mRNA vaccine. This ties up with Florida's announcement.


Government would not create a temporary MBS item # for a handful of people.

You also have Vet Affairs (this is most interesting). They are now adding Guillain-Barre Syndrome (vaccine), Ischemic Heart(covid-19) and cerebrovascular accident (covid-19) to their statement of principles. If you have time, check out the research they attached for G-B syndrome!


The latter two (in my opinion) - is that it is caused from the vaccine not COVID itself. Or maybe a combination of both.

You couple this with the a) we will cover your funeral expenses or b) compensate you - we have a nice little pot of evidence brewing for a case of misfeasance.


In good news though, TGA pulled Lucas PawPaw ointment off the market due to some contamination in their latest batch - with absolute no risk to the general population.


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Wow, 0.013% is 1:7,700. That excludes the ones that are already dead and can't make a claim! This is such an evil crime, they forced it on everyone, It's insane.

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People would have been concerned about 300 people being infected at the beginning of the pandemic because they could spread the disease to others and this could lead to much higher numbers. People applying for govt money aren't by definition people who have suffered harm. Nor are they potential first stages of a much larger phenomenon. This looks to me like an example of the fallacy of comparing apples to oranges.

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Your link that you put supporting the claim Denmark banned vaccines for children says the opposite.

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Death rates could be interesting, but working out why they are still elevated could be difficult.

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