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I loved reading your book 'Game of Mates' exactly for this kind of sh*t.. using statistics to promote ones own opinion/profit... rather than the true reality.. I suffer these fools to easily but your eye for such things is wonderful Cameron. Thank you!

Comparing apples with apples is not always what it seems when 'important' details are left out....

'rotten stinkers' is the phrase...

The next part of my comment must be generalised as hell I'm afraid, despite my words above.

I was recently on holidays in Spain.. soaking up the son and watching the German news.. now I speak good Deutsch but do not always understand all details. But what I did notice and find extremely interesting.. kind of like 'monkey in on one side of the world discovers exactly the same as the monkey on the other side'.. remember that experiment/knowledge?

Anyway, the germans 'apparently' have a similar housing problem/shortage/outrage as Australia'!!!

Hows that for 'coincidence' !!!!

Berlin has a big problem with not enough Dwellings and yet 'Olaf Scholz' : currently the 'Chancellor of Germany' 'promised' in 2021 to remedy this solution by building X amount of new residences and this has not been achieved.. of course it feeds my love of Bashing Politicians because I realise more and more, slowly of course, for many years, that these people make promises to get into power when they are not the owners/builders/tradespeople, actually doing the work!!!

Anyway, I was quite amused that 17,000 kilometres away that a strong world economy !! has such problems as Australia... and it really makes me laugh because I often wonder: do these people go to the same management courses somewhere deep in the north pole to discuss how countries should be run/destroyed... just a comment.. no proof.. Jamie rambling on again hehehehe

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yep - the devil is always in the detail

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Also, Northern Ireland houses nearly 2 million people, yet it's representative cross of St Patrick doesn't appear in the UK flag (it would seem).

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