Bear with my attempt at conciliation.

So if 10 new people crashed into your island and you license 5 new loaves of bread to be baked, then the bakers are going to let the new people starve some before the negotiations begins.

And you've made the point convincingly that even licensing 7, 10, 15 loaves doesn't force the bakers to actually make or sell the loaves at any particularly cheaper or underlying baking price. But this is still under the constraints of zoning -- these people can't buy wheat and bake themselves, even though wheat is wildly abundant and cheap.

If we pre-commit to continually providing new timely loaf licenses whenever the price of bread is greatly exceeding the price of wheat, the bakers would compete to provide the loaves first with what they had, or someone else would. While supply can be addressed with development mandates, end-to-end socialized control, etc., there are some zoning reform options also.

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