Another word for trust is credit - is that person credible?

So therefore, another word for trust and credit is reputation.

Does the person have a good reputation?

Therefore another word for trust, credit and reputation is character.

We once called this Ethos.

That is what currency truly is!

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I'm onboard with most of this but, as a Kiwi, I should point out Asymmetric Information maybe doesn't always support your thesis. I enjoy reading Dave but, like us all sometimes, he (or is it an NZAE "they"?) can have some pretty questionable takes, and cherry-pick 'interesting' data points to fit a narrative, rather than explain an important context.

Case-in-point, his last piece appears to suggest the only 'cost' we should worry about from the permanent capture of our private information is what advertisers are willing to pay - that seems short-sighted to me.

In situations like that on Substack, it can be hard to know whether we are looking at the opinion of an individual or the collective insights of an institution which has earned its credibility.

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Nov 19Liked by Cameron Murray

I think your arithmetic is wrong , by one order of magnitude, regarding Erik Hoel's potential income.

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