Sunday, March 6, 2022

My COVID story - Part 2

Read My COVID Story - Part 1 here.

January 2021 - Sticking with the crowd

I was approached to write a short piece for The Mint magazine. I sent a rough draft of the type of article I would write. When it dawned on them that I was going to challenge the COVID mantra they decided that they must stick with the crowd and not publish anything.

I later put that draft piece on my blog. The predictions in it have been quite accurate. Take a look.

Back then, zero COVID was still a thing that people thought was possible, despite all evidence. The vaccines were going to be the way to achieve that dream. 

June 2021 — Vaccinate the kids becomes a thing people want to do

I was invited on ABC’s Q+A television program to be a panelist sharing opinions about COVID policy. You might be wondering how someone gets invited. My experience was that Stan Grant and the producers wanted to be able to say that our reaction to COVID was overblown but didn’t want to have to say it themselves and cop the flak.

Here’s a write-up about that appearance from ABC News.

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