27 August 2020
Houses outstrip wages and could WFH lead to more urban sprawl?
The Money - ABC radio interview

19 August 2020

How to get Aussie house prices back
2GB radio interview

14 August 2020
Land Banking: red tape and a dearth of housing supply are a myth
Michael West Media

Podcast - The Jolly Swagman

The Conversation

17 July 2020
The truth behind the housing supply nonsense
The Fifth Estate

16 July 2020
How government intervention in the property market is actually harming it
Domain — Jim Malo and Kate Burke

7 June 2020
NSW missing out on $8 billion a year from failure to tax land-rezoning, inquiry told
Sydney Morning Herald - Michael Koziol

6 April 2020
Building a house for 33? Wastewater standards out of hand
The Land

5 February 2020
Superannuation isn't a retirement income system - we should scrap it
The Conversation

2 February 2020
Age pension more effective than 'failed' super
The Australian - Adam Creighton

24 November 2019
The Great Superannuation Debate
The Guardian

23 November 2019
'Madness': Superannuation workforce to exceed defence
The Australian - Adam Creighton

17 November 2019
Property developers 'driving up' prices by refusing to build
Daily Telegraph - Ben Pike

7 September 2019
Stamp duty argument is flimsy
The Australian - Judith Sloan

11 March 2019
The Game of Homes: how the vested interests lie about negative gearing
The Conversation

17 December 2018
Labor’s new affordable housing policy labelled a handout for developers - Jim Malo

13 November 2018
Stamp duty fever: the bad economics behind swapping stamp duty for land tax
The Conversation

3 September 2018
Introducing land rent, the ACT’s excellent idea for making houses cheaper
The Conversation

22 June 2018
Queensland minister accused of inflating mining job numbers
The Guardian - Ben Smee

15 March 2018
Why we will never solve inequality
The Economists - ABC Radio National - with Peter Martin and Gigi Foster

13 March 2018
With several Queensland councils in crisis, what is going so wrong?
ABC News - Josh Bavas

9 March 2018
Game of Mates: Exposing the corruption club
Independent Australia - John Jiggens

8 March 2018
The RBA has pointed out a problem in Australia's property market that is artificially inflating prices
Business Insider - Sam Jabobs

8 February 2018
How an elite group of mates rob us blind
Green Left Weekly - Thomas Klikauer

13 October 2017
QLD Council Corruption Inquiry
Bay FM - John Jiggens

9 October 2017
Corruption fighter plans to unseat Deputy Premier
Queensland Times - Helen Spelitis

9 October 2017
Economist Cameron Murray to run for South Brisbane against Jackie Trad at State Election
Courier Mail - Kelmeny Fraser

September 2017
Book review: Game of Mates
CIS Policy Journal. Vol. 33 No. 3 - Gene Tunny

19 September 2017
Australia’s Property Industry is Racked with Political Favouritism
Sourceable - Andrew Heaton

7 September 2017
Australia's great Game of Mates
The Money, ABC Radio National - Richard Aedy

17 August 2017
What about a federal anti-corruption commission?
Late Night Live, ABC Radio National - Phillip Adams

17 August 2017
Corruption fighter says transparency does not work
The Gympie Times - Scott Kovacevic

11 August 2017
Does Australia Need a Federal Housing Minister?
Sourceable - Andrew Heaton

3 August 2017
Mate, it's time to take a stand for Aussie education
The Armidale Express - Margaret Sims

30 July 2017
Speaking with: Cameron Murray on grey corruption and the ‘Game of Mates’
The Conversation

16 July 2017
Cameron Murray: Game of Mates
2SER Weekend Breakfast

15 July 2017
Australia fleeced by insiders
2GB Saturday Mornings with Luke Grant

23 June 2017
Rob Pyne calls for a Queensland ICAC to fight corruption
Brisbane Times - Felicity Caldwell

20 June 2017
Game of Mates - The Process of Corruption
The Value of Everything - Podcast

2 June 2017
Epic wealth creation and the Game of Mates - Michael West

1 June 2017
Mine games. Why Adani is banking on the unbankable
Sydney Morning Herald - Peter Martin

29 May 2017
How our progressive tax system doesn't reach the ultra-rich
Sydney Morning Herald - Michael Pascoe

28 May 2017
Game of Mates: How billionaires get rich at our expense
Fairfax - Peter Martin

20 May 2017
MB Radio: Game of Mates
MacroBusiness Radio - Podcast

6 May 2017
Game of Mates costs us all dearly
Sunshine Coast Daily - Bill Hoffman

29 April 2017
Opinion: Plan to end developer's involvement in council elections
Courier Mail - Paul Syvret

28 April 2017
Want to stop land corruption? Take away the honeypot
Sydney Morning Herald - Michael Pascoe

4 April 2017 
Empty homes: The economic reasons behind investors keeping properties vacant

23 March 2017
Politics ensures Reserve Bank's housing pushback already failing
Sydney Morning Herald - Michael Pascoe

21 March 2017
Crackdown on bank lending through tougher macroprudential policies imminent
Australian Financial Review - Su-Lin Tan

1 February 2017
New report reveals big game hunting makes minimal contribution to African economies and jobs
Humane Society International

Hunting is Barbaric
Huffington Post - Cathy Kangas

Trophy hunters overstate contribution of big game hunting to African economies: Report
Mongabay - Mike Gaworecki

Response to report
African Indaba - Gerhard R Damm

29 November 2016
Meet James, the man who always wins Australia's Game of Mates
Sydney Morning Herald - Ross Gittins

5 November 2016
Canberra needs higher density to match Gold Coast light rail success: economist
Canberra Times - Stephen Jeffrey

20 September 2016
Gold Coast light rail study helps put a figure on value capture’s funding potential
The Conversation

27 August 2016
"Favours for mates" rife in Queensland planning

27 July 2016
Podcast interview
Economic Rockstar - Frank Conway

13 February 2016
PPP plundering takes its toll on love
Sydney Morning Herald - Michael West

26 January 2016
Should Developers Be Allowed to Make Political Donations?
Sourceable Industry News and Analysis - Andrew Heaton

1 January 2016 (repost from 30 Sept 2015)
Developers, White shoe brigade, ferraris and yachts
John Menadue Blog

16 December 2015
Rent-seekers and the Hollowing Out of Democracy
Democracy and Renewal Forum, Melbourne School of Government - John Menadue

19 November 2015
How property developers make windfall millions
Sydney Morning Herald - Michael Pascoe

17 November 2015
A Common Political Problem That Economists Can’t Explain

22 October 2015
Is Land Rezoning Australia’s Biggest Rort?
Sourceable Industry News and Analysis - Andrew Heaton

29 September 2015
In the zone: Insider trading rife in land rezoning racket
Sydney Morning Herald - Michael Pascoe

8 September 2015
Property developers pay developer charges, that’s why they argue against them
The Conversation

2 September 2015
Radio interview with Steve Austin
Queensland political donations under investigation
ABC Queensland

23 June 2015
Rezoning open to routine corruption by both sides of politics: economist
The Age - Clay Lucas

12 June 2015
Radio interview with Steve Austin
ABC Queensland

10 June 2015
Podcast (and article) with Callum Newman
Daily Reckoning

9 June 2015
Radio interview with Michael Mackenzie
ABC Radio National

5 June 2015
Radio/podcast interview with Karl Fitzgerald
Renegade Economists. Prosper. Earthsharing

4 June 2015
Opinion piece with Paul Frijters
The Conversation

31 May 2015
Connected developers get favourable treatment

27 May 2015
Great land banking scam exposed
MacroBusiness (and Naked Capitalism)

27 May 2015
Favouritism rife in Queensland property development
Australian Financial Review

27 May 2015
Developers with strong political connections '44% more likely to win favourable decisions'
The Guardian - Josh Robertson


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