Sunday, October 23, 2016

Lobbyists own QLD planning

A draft of the new SEQ regional plan, a document that the State government uses to direct the development plans of local councils, is out this week.

Yeah for Queensland!

But I noticed something a little strange. It is this mysterious red shading with the word Undullah on it. From Map 24 (find it here). The red means “Draft Urban Footprint”. So no longer are uses on that land limited to rural or agricultural activities. Bring forth the bulldozers, there’s a residential subdivision to be made!

What an unusual shape though. I wonder how that decision was made?

Oh. Look what I’ve found. Here’s a map from planning application made to Logan City Council in 2015. In this map the urban footprint is only the blue hatched area, extending west only to the blue line. The yellow marks the land owned by the person making the planning application. This application did not comply with the planning rules when it was made.

Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions. Maybe there’s a legitimate reason to draw a new planning boundary around this one landowner's land, giving them a multi-million dollar windfall gain from this planning decision. My guess of the value this planning decision to this landowner is somewhere in the order of $80-150million. Give or take.

I’m sure if we had an investigative body look into this, there would be no evidence at all of misconduct or improper use of powers by anyone involved.

Or maybe just read the whole back story here and make up your own mind.

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  1. Nothing to see here, move along.

    Further cementing in the speculative gain achieved through PR, blue sky dreaming and a bit of slap and tickle put in earlier.

    Of course it is prime residential land, perfectly suited to urban development. Smooth as silk. And of course any land outside of this perfectly rational boundary is not suited for residential development.

    I particularity like the Urban Footprint Principles (ah principles I knew thee well!)espoused on p. 84 of the draft SEQ Regional Plan. 7(b) is a hoot!