Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dwelling finance springs back

The ABS released their April dwelling finance data today, and there was quite a bounce for owner occupiers across all States, but investor finance continues to fall.

Taking a look at the big picture it is hard to know whether this one month's data is particularly meaningful.


  1. Another dead cat bounce?

  2. Given my underlying predictions of a property market correction taking around 6-7 years, I would say that is the case. It seems extremely unlikely, given the massive burst in household savings recently and global economic stagnation, that people will take on debt like they did prior to 2007 and during the most recent FHVB.

  3. No not quite, the ABS April figures show a bounce, the May figures will show a fall, and the June figures will show a jump.

    I haven't figured the July figures yet, but I will have by early July.

    Cheers Cameron.

  4. The spruikers have been going notes recently. Looks like they convinced the last few greater fools to jump in now, at the peak. Buy high, sell low!