Monday, September 6, 2010

Economist forecasts for the record

Just for fun here are some recent forecasts from some of Australia’s leading economists.

Bill Evans – Westpac Chief Economist - 3 September 2010
At present we are expecting rates to rise by 75 basis points during 2011. Markets will need to adjust a long way to accommodate that view

Peter Jolly – NAB  Head of Global Research - 4 September 2010
Our year ended GDP forecast has lifted to 3¼% from a little under 3% As a consequence, we debated whether the 100bps of tightening in our forecast starting February 2011 was enough. We think it is, but it did remind us that a 2010 hike remains possible should either a) Q3 inflation in late October be shockingly high or b) the economy grows above trend in the 2nd half and the unemployment rate (now 5.3%) plunges through 5% - quite possible

Christopher Joye – Rismark - 23 Aug 2010
The economy is about to embark on a period of above-trend growth (mean of the ABS trend measure since June 2000 is 0.7%/qtr or 0.4%/qtr/capita)

Warren Hogan – ANZ Chief Economist - 1 September 2010
The consensus seemed to be that the Reserve Bank will be happy to sit pat for six months and then raise rates by 100 basis points through next year. The ANZ's Warren Hogan was the hawkish outlier of the group, predicting 150 or 170 points over the next 18 months.

Hogan believes we are about to see a period of serious inflationary pressures thanks to the commodities boom's income wave – the CBA's Michael Blythe reckons the income surge will add 3 or 4 per cent to GDP over the next couple of years

Dr Frank Gelber – BIS Shrapnel Chief Economist - 7 September 2010
Interest rates are set to rise and commercial property values will skyrocket.
"I've never seen a lower risk, higher prospective return, in the commercial property market, ever," he said. "We're looking at rents and property values doubling in Sydney and Melbourne over the next five years." [commercial property]

Cameron Murray –Economist, blogger (you read it here first)
Inflation and GDP will surprise on the low side in the September quarter.  Remember, the June quarter had a booming terms of trade (which is now languishing), fiscal stimulus (which is now finished) and two interest rate moves by the RBA which could drain consumer confidence and spending, especially when combined with house price nerves and debt concerns.  Therefore I expect the RBA to keep rates on hold for the next 6 months (with some independent upward moves of mortgage rates by banks), with a possible stimulatory move by the RBA next year.

On a different note, for those who want a little more insight into Australia’s own residential mortgage backed securities market, this piece from Adam Dellaverde might pique your curiosity.


  1. Can you put dates and sources to them?

  2. yeah I liked this.

    Good laughter, cheers cam

  3. while I remember

    reminded me of this

  4. Sorry Cam but I think you're going to be wrong. Australians are out there buying homes and durables again (thankfully at a more subdued level than late 2009)and from what I can see full time employment is getting stronger.

    I'll have $10 on stronger growth than you have predicted.

  5. sorry Pete but you owe Cam $10

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