Thursday, May 6, 2010

Friday quick links

A new direction for interest rates?

For risk taking behaviours, the rebound effect even has a name – The Peltzman Effect

New Mysterious Cities of Gold cartoons on the way.

Broken window fallacy or just plain old human optimism? Café Hayek is full of gems.

Ever wondered why all news is bad?  A must read on what happens to good news.
...there are huge vested interests trying to prevent good news reaching the public. That is to say, in the ruthless free-market struggle that goes on between pressure groups for media attention and funds, nobody likes to have it said that `their' problem is not urgent and getting worse.

Externalities addressed the Dutch way. the Vondelpark, a delightful reserve in central Amsterdam, it is illegal to let your dog off a leash. But it’s perfectly legal to have sex in the park, so long as it is not in view of a children’s playground. The argument is that the dog may make a mess that imposes costs on the unwary walker, while the couple imposes no costs on other park users.

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