Most of my academic research is on my Google Scholar page

Coral lightweight framework for economic experiments is a fantastic experimental toolkit by Markus Schaffner that I have used extensively.

Here's my neglected research blog "The 'Buddy-Buddy' Economic Experiments"

Some papers:

Clean Money in a Dirty System: Relationship Networks and Land Rezoning
Working paper with Paul Frijters (here)

Give and You Shall Receive: The Emergence of Welfare-Reducing Reciprocity
Working paper with Melissa Vorster and Paul Frijters (here)

A Theory of Return-seeking Firms
Working paper with Brendan Markey-Towler (here)

What if consumers decided to all ‘go green’? Environmental rebound effects from consumption decisions
Energy Policy, Volume 54, pp240–256, 2013 (here)

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