Dr Cameron K. Murray
  • I am an economist with a passion for improving society. 
  • I think economics could be much better than it is - so I often write very fine technical critiques of economic theory, and comments on the nature of the profession.
  • I specialise in property markets, environmental economics and corruption. I also dabble in just about everything: macro, money, institutions, evolutionary economics, and more.
  • My contributions to the economics discipline include as a teacher, a working party member for developing Australian Learning Standards in Economics, an economics committee member at Healthy Waterways, and an active member of the Economic Society of Australia and the Young Economists.
  • I teach UQ's MBA economics course, as well as macroeconomics, and management economics.
  • I write for MacroBusinessIDEA economics and Evonomics.
  • I have a PhD from the University of Queensland on the economics of corruption.
  • Find me on Twitter @rumplestatskin


  1. I'm glad I found this blog (not too sure whether it was Econonistview or Interfluidity or both) but keep it keep it up, I enjoy it. (I'm a 60 year old Australian ex-pat - BEcon ex-RBA living in Germany making my living writing programs).

  2. Hi Cameron,
    I've stumbled upon your blog while searching for reviews of Robinson-Eatwell textbook. I'm a history student looking for a basic economics textbook, some kind of an introductory course that would help me understand basic principles and a history of most prominent economic theories. Do you think Robinson Eatwell is a good place to start, or would you recommend something else?
    Thanks a lot,